10 September 2013

Join the Festivities!

JSConf EU is all about the community and we don’t stop at the festivities. Like in all previous years, we have a bunch of parties and a brunch prepared to celebrate this year’s JSConf EU, CSSConf EU, Reject.js & NodeCopter.

We want to make sure the whole Berlin developer scene (that is you!), not just the event’s attendees get to hang out with all the great people that make their way to Berlin this week.

So, as usual, our Parties and Relax.js are open for all!

In detail:

Reject.JS After Party, Thursday, September 12th,19:30

Tarantino’s Bar  Brunnenstraße 163   10119 Berlin Map

Free for all, drinks are on you, if you don’t have a Reject.js badge.

The next three ones are included for all JSConf EU attendees, but everyone else is invited. The parties are all-inclusive and we need to ask you to register for a ticket if you do not already have a conference ticket. It’s just 12€ incl. VAT for all parties (single party tickets aren’t available as they wouldn’t be any cheaper :).

Bring your friends!

JSConf EU Pre Party by &yet, Friday, September 13th, 20:00

BeachMitte Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 8 10115 Berlin Map

We celebrate this with our friends from CSSConf EU with DJs and Volleyball!

JSConf EU Main Party, Saturday, September 14th, 21:00

At the main JSConf EU Venue.

Radialsystem V Holzmarktstraße 33 10243 Berlin Map

Bands, DJs, everything. Do. Not. Miss.

JSConf EU After Party, Sunday, September 15th, 20:00

On the Boat Hoppetosse with DJs & drinks.

Eichenstrasse 4 12435 Berlin Map Location Map

Just off Schlesische Straße, a nice 20 minute walk from the Radialsystem.

The password at the door is “I love JavaScript”, or a JSConf EU badge.

Relax.js, Monday September 16th, 10:30–14:00

Join us for a relaxed brunch, food & drink included at authentic Russian-style Datscha Café.

Gabriel-Max-Str. 1 10245 Berlin Map