05 July 2013

Hotel Recommendation

We recommend you stay with Ibis Ostbahnhof. Not because it is the best hotel around (it isn’t!), but because it is literally right next to our venue – as in the next house. After JSConf in the US has started using resorts as their destination in 2012 we realized how great it is to have everybody in a single place, so we did the best we could given that Berlin is neither Arizona nor Florida :)

Still we’re going to try to have a campfire at the conference and with the hotel right next door, you can stay late and still only fall over twice to get to your bed. Of course, this is also the same hotel where all speakers and staff will be staying.

Campfire at JSConf US 2013

The room rates with the JSConf EU code are:

  • Single Room - 81 €
  • Double Room - 101 €
  • Triple Room - 126 €

Reviews say the rooms are smallish, so you may want to consider a double room even if you are by yourself.

The prices include breakfast. The conference has breakfast (likely significantly better), so you may want to actually pick a rate that doesn’t have it. The rates do not include WIFI but it is available. In the worst case you may also be able to lean out of your room window and catch the conference WIFI :)

To book the room for the above rate call +4930257600 and mention the code MOS13. It does not work through online booking. You may also email h3108@accor.com CC info@marinaos.com to make a reservation.

If you really, really hate phone calls and emails, maybe the default online rates are fine, too :) .

After you booked, please let us know, so we have an idea how many of you are there.